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If you have any type of fear or phobia of visiting the dentist and sitting in the dental chair, caring dental professional, Ewa Tracz, DDS, is here to help. At Heights Dental NY in Brooklyn, Dr. Tracz is specially trained in dental fear management and knows that avoiding valuable professional dental care due to fear or phobia can be detrimental to your oral health and cause more problems in the long run. Dr. Tracz utilizes proven-successful solutions and provides a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere to give you the best dental experience possible. Be proactive with your oral health and take the first step. Call Heights Dental NY or book online.

Dental Fear Management Q & A

What is dental phobia?

Dental phobia is a fear and anxiety relating to visiting the dentist and undergoing dental procedures. Dental phobia can vary in severity from a mild anxiety, fear, and feeling of uneasiness to more overwhelming terror and panic.

Many people are afraid of the dentist due to previous experiences where they’ve felt pain, embarrassment about their physical appearance, a loss of control, or any other kind of negative experience associated with the dentist in the past.

Most people with dental phobia are aware that the fear is irrational, but they seem unable to do much about it. Some people just avoid the dentist and instead suffer from various diseases that can have catastrophic consequences on your oral health, such as gum disease.

Unfortunately, many people with dental phobia only visit the dentist in an emergency situation. Regular dental care, checkups, and cleanings can prevent future dental emergencies and protect your oral health.

How do I know I have dental phobia?

You might have dental phobia if you have:

  • A fear the dentist will hurt you
  • A fear of dental instruments
  • Anxiety while you’re waiting in the waiting room
  • A troubled and uneasy feeling the night before your dental exam

If these signs sound familiar, the Heights Dental team specializes in helping you have a better dental experience. Dr. Tracz would be happy to meet you for a free personal consultation.

What is dental fear management?

Dental fear management is the management and support of your dental phobia where Dr. Tracz works diligently to help put you at ease, reduce your anxiety, and improve how you perceive your dental experience and dental health care.

Dr. Tracz uses a holistic approach and can help you optimize your nutrition and lifestyle to boost your overall wellness and your oral health. This can prevent dental problems in the future and help you feel more confident and secure about your oral health and future dental treatments.

Dr. Tracz is specially trained in dental fear management and uses various tools and methods to diminish dental phobia, such as:

  • Gentle dentistry
  • Explaining the procedures in a calming and clear manner
  • Encouragement and positive reinforcement
  • Safe and effective dental sedation methods
  • Relaxation techniques, including deep breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, and guided imagery

In some cases, certain anxiety medications can be used.

Finding a dentist you feel comfortable with and who’s trained in dental fear management can be especially helpful in overcoming your dental phobia. Call Heights Dental NY for compassionate care or click to schedule online.