Root Canals


The root canal has a reputation as being an extremely painful treatment. Actually, it is about the same as getting a simple filling and is one of the best ways that tooth pain can be alleviated.An untreated root canal can lead to a dental abscess, which can lead to fatal consequences. People need root canals after they’ve allowed their teeth to rot to the point that there is significant inflammation and disease associated with the tooth’s pulp tissue. Untreated dental cavities enable the bacteria to work its way down to the middle of the tooth where the pulp tissue may be infected by them. That is why it is vital that one doesn’t forgo the treatment especially if there’s a fear associated with it. 

Signs of needing a root canal are the following: pressure and intense continuous pain in the mouth area, a noticeable swelling and sometimes painful gums, pain after eating foods that are hot and cold as well.

Don’t wait and let your cavity become too infected, here at Heights Dental we will make sure that your stay is as comfortable as possible. We specialize in alleviating any kind of dental fear.

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